Our Vision

“All Round Connecting” is our mission and core value.
We have provided mobile online contents for users across major mobile phone and social platforms.
As the one of our achievements, we started multi linguistic 3D MMORPG, named “Elemental Knights Online” for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and English speaking customers.
We connect with all of our stakeholders in sense.

Connecting with users
Connecting with business partners
Connecting with shareholders
Connecting with dream success of our team members
Through our products and services, anyone can connect with everyone around the world.




<Head office>
7F, 1-19-9, Midori, Sumida-Ku, Tokyo,Japan
Zip code 130-0021

Board of directors
President CEO
Katsuhiro Fujimoto
Taichi Kagami
Naoki Dewa
Hitoshi Suino

July 23rd, 2003


Deloitte Fast 500 winner in 2011
Deloitte Fast 500 winner in 2010


Mobile / smartphone / featurephone game development




Elemental Knights Online
3D Mobile MMO played by 500 thousand users
across platforms. Easily enjoy RPG in mobile.

iPhone Android feature phone
App Store Google Play Switch Web site Web site

Jang-Navi (Mah-jong Navigation)
No.1 online Mah-jong online game played by a million users
in Japan

App Store Google Play Switch Web site Web site

"Anime" character games
Social games with voicing original anime characters
are played by over 3 million users.

iPhone Android feature phone
App Store Google Play facebook Web site

Communication tools that users can easily customize and
create original characters with a thousand items.


MOBA Project
An online technology is essential for MOBA. We're developing the world's first large-scale MOBA.
While eSports is becoming popular, MOBA which attracts attention globally might be an object of the online technology.
※MOBA stands for a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.
※It will be released in winter 2018.

iPhone Android feature phone

Charactar Game Project
We're also developing an IP online game which is loved by people of all ages.
One of our aims is to create a game which wins eternal fame and is loved by anyone.

Recruiting Game Developers NOW!

SS Project
The famous fantasy comics is FINALLY going to be released as a mobile game!
"Once the ideas of the three people in the myth would match, the whole world and the people change..."
It's a brand new project expecting a high volume of server traffic.

Recruiting Game Developers NOW!

Winlight has so many experiences that developed and published
several hundred applicationsby highly-qualified.


Winlight sets up localization for advance to overseas.
Supporting your mobile business from Japan to overseas and also
from overseas to Japan.


Translation service
Development mobile contents service
Customer support servicest

Pleasure to be connected to the world